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Posted by:m2
Subject:gpsmap - track question
Date:17:15:25 04/04/2006


Does gpsmap do any filtering of a specificed gps file before track plotting?

If I plot the track I get an extremely inaccurate 'noisy' blue line, with seperate blue line bits all over the place. The line does loosely follow the track travelled. Is this normal, can I improve it? I am using a new sirf-iii based gps receiver that gets a 3d lock all the way around the route, with, I think, a steadily changing location in the kismet window.

If I travel a similar route with gps track tool, I used gpsdrive for a quick check (with the same version of gpsd, i.e. the one included in gpsdrive that is generally recommended for kismet), it plots a smooth line route which is very accurate - i.e. it is very clearly the route travelled with only a small error margin (expected gps error).

Does gpsmap use this track travelled data in the estimation of access point location? If so is any filtering done to this beforehand or is it using the seemingly 'unfiltered' data that -t is plotting (I ask because wouldn't this then make the accuracy poor?).

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