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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:FCS of packets captured by Kismet
Date:06:20:46 30/03/2006

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> > Very few drivers provide them. Kismet will ignore them, there isn't much useful to do with them since I don't know of any drivers that report junk frames with FCS.
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> > Currently, yes, kismet strips the driver headers and fcs off the frame.
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> Hmmm ... so how do you log all the corrupt packets ?
> In the config file, you can set a flag to capture corrupt packets. I was assuming that Kismet uses the FCS field to do that. Or, do you send some IOCTL to the driver (but then that could be painful for portability :)) ?

Corrupt frames are typically nonsense thrown by drivers. Either frames which the driver mangled, frames which were transmitted corrupt (like invalid beacon tagparms), etc. Most often, it's just garbage from the driver. The severity of the problem depends on the driver, some throw a lot of nonsense, some none.


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