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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet_server only run for a couple of minutes
Date:02:03:38 30/03/2006

> Hi,
> I have a script that will do the following.
> 1. Check current "kismet_server" daemon, if found, kill "kismet_server" pid
> 2. Re-start kismet_server
> I run that script from cronjob to run every 30 minutes. When cron job started, I can see kismet_server in my "ps" table for only a couple minutes, and then it die without any error messages. Please let me know if anyone has that kind of problem or a way to trouble shoot that problem.
> Thanks in advance.

It won't die with no messages, you may not be looking at them, but they're there. Even if the message is the rather useless 'segfault'.

A common culprit is dhcpcd. Make sure it isn't running.

Run kismet_server in a terminal and wait for it to exit and see what the reason is.

If it's actually consistently segfaulting, PLEASE run it under gdb (gdb ./kismet_server) and then send me the crash and the backtrace (whatever it says when it dies, followed by the output of the command 'bt')


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