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Posted by:swtaarrs
Subject:Not getting all packets
Date:18:49:54 28/03/2006

> > I'm using kismet on a Dell Inspiron 9300 with an ipw2915 and it seems to be working for the most part, but it's not capturing all packets. I did some tests where I had a friend send a bunch of AIM messages while I was capturing but the messages never showed up when I was analyzing the file using Ethereal. I even grepped the .dump file for the screennames and messages but nothing was found. There were some other AIM messages showing up, but not nearly as many as I knew there were being sent. Is there something I have to set so that it will capture every packet it sees and not just a certain network?
> It captures every thing the card sends.
> If you channel hop, you'll obviously capture only a fraction of the packets.
> If you don't channel hop and don't get all the packets, then use a different card and see if that one reports more completely.
> -m

Ok that's what I was thinking. I'm pretty new to Kismet, so how can I enable/disable channel hopping or lock it onto a specific channel?


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