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Posted by:Bert
Subject:Kismet stops recording data (and working) after 5-10 min of use
Date:15:12:09 28/03/2006

I have always had headaches when using the madwifi-ng drivers.
try the old madwifi driver instead :) see how that goes.

Not sure how anyone else has been getting on with madwifi-ng

> > I'd love to be helpful but I'm quite new to all this linux stuff. What is gdb? What is the difference between normally running kismet (i.e. typing kismet from root) and standalone kismet_server in gdb? Where will I see the initial crash message and the output of 'bt' in gdb?
> gdb is the Gnu Debugger. It ought to come in your distro.
> You'd run it with just 'gdb ./kismet_server', then 'run' inside gdb. When it blows up, it'll print out a bunch of info, and then 'bt' will make it print out even more.
> -m

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