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Posted by:wiredmonkey
Subject:Kismet stops recording data (and working) after 5-10 min of use
Date:04:08:50 28/03/2006

> Initially it sounds like you either have dhcp or similar running which kills the interface, or the drivers are just plain freaking out.
> The segfault is of more interest, but it's happening during shutdown mode -- it's already unlinking files and closing, which means it's happening during the card shutdown. This reinforces the idea that something has gone funny in the drivers.
> If you want to be really helpful, fire up a standalone kismet_server in gdb, preferably using the unstripped binary (ie, the binary in your source dir, not the one installed via make install) and post both the initial crash message and the output of 'bt' in gdb.
> -m

Fyi, I followed these instructions to install an updated kismet on an HD install of backtrack:

Use Subversion to Download Source:

svn co kismet-devel
CD Into the Directory:
cd kismet-devel
Configure Without SUID:
./configure --disable-setuid
Make and Install:
make && make forceinstall

I then edited /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf and added:

i also updated the madwifi drivers as well by following this:

Use Subversion to Download Source:

svn checkout madwifi-ng
CD Into the Directory:
cd madwifi-ng
Remove Old Modules:
rmmod -w ath_pci.ko
Note: If you get an error with this just ignore it.
Make and Install It:
make && make install

I'd love to be helpful but I'm quite new to all this linux stuff. What is gdb? What is the difference between normally running kismet (i.e. typing kismet from root) and standalone kismet_server in gdb? Where will I see the initial crash message and the output of 'bt' in gdb?

Sorry for all the 'noob' questions... i'm learning so much each day it makes my head spin sometimes.

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