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Posted by:wiredmonkey
Subject:Kismet stops recording data (and working) after 5-10 min of use
Date:03:41:35 28/03/2006

The problem I have is that Kismet after 2-10ish minutes of running will stop recording data. The elapsd time is moving, the Madwif ch is hopping around but the packets stop and I can no longer see any new data. When this happens it's like the wifi card is turned off. If I shutdown kismet and start up airodump it will no longer see anything either. So to fix this problem I turn the card off (ifconfig ath1 down) and then back on (ifconfig ath1 up) and then everything is working just find again... till I run kismet for 2-10ish minutes. I have 3+ gig's of space where the data is being stored. Here is what the screen shows after I exit Kismet:

Starting server...
Waiting for server to start before starting UI...
Suid priv-dropping disabled. This may not be secure.
No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
Enabling channel hopping.
Enabling channel splitting.
Source 0 (Madwifing_g): Enabling monitor mode for madwifing_g source interface ath1 channel 6...
Source 0 (Madwifing_g): Opening madwifing_g source interface ath1...
Allowing clients to fetch WEP keys.
Logging networks to
Logging networks in CSV format to Kismet-Mar-27-2006-1.csv
Logging networks in XML format to Kismet-Mar-27-2006-1.xml
Logging cryptographically weak packets to Kismet-Mar-27-2006-1.weak
Logging cisco product information to
Logging gps coordinates to Kismet-Mar-27-2006-1.gps
Logging data to Kismet-Mar-27-2006-1.dump
Writing data files to disk every 300 seconds.
Mangling encrypted and fuzzy data packets.
Tracking probe responses and associating probe networks.
Reading AP manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/ap_manuf
Reading client manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/client_manuf
Using network-classifier based data encryption detection
Dump file format: wiretap (local code) dump
Crypt file format: airsnort (weak packet) dump
Kismet 2005.08.R1 (Kismet)
Logging data networks CSV XML weak cisco gps
GPSD cannot connect: Connection refused
Listening on port 2501.
Allowing connections from
Registering builtin client/server protocols...
Registering requested alerts...
Registering builtin timer events...
Gathering packets...
Starting UI...
Looking for startup info from localhost:2501.... found.
Connected to Kismet server 2005.08.R1 on localhost:2501
Reading AP manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/ap_manuf
Reading client manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/client_manuf
Killing server...
Didn't detect any Cisco Discovery Packets, unlinking cisco dump
Didn't see any weak encryption packets, unlinking weak file
/usr/local/bin/kismet: line 77: 7515 Segmentation fault ${BIN}/kismet_server --silent $server
Kismet exited.

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