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Posted by:chief
Subject:Broadcom: Let's do something!!
Date:15:06:00 27/03/2006

Dear all,

I have posted the following in the contact-feedback form of Broadcom Co:

Good day,

I have recently purchased a USRMaxg pcmcia card using your chipset. I am too upset to learn that you are not releasing your drivers, even binaries.

Thank you very much for your support to your products away from Linux and kudos for walking in the M$ Way as a serf like the others do.

Hope to have the drivers one day from you. I don't know if my card supports rfmon, but -again- thanks to you, I don't know it.

Best regards,

And here is the reply I have received immediately:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, March 27, 2006 18:00
Subject: Web Site Feedback/Support Request - 54g Wireless LAN - Drivers

As the chipset supplier, Broadcom provides driver support to our customers - the manufacturers of wireless devices - that ultimately provide products to end customers, such as wireless LAN vendors, cable modem vendors, and notebook providers. It is up to these manufacturers to provide product-specific drivers and software support to their end customers. Please contact the manufacturer of your wireless device for their current drivers.

Broadcom Support Team

We can't just ask the coders of Kismet to include Broadcom support, but we must press on the manufacturers to release their drivers.

I wish I could code like dragorn, but I can't. All I can do to assist him like this.

Please take a second of your time to write to:

I'm quitting now. Tomorrow I will get this message and write to US Robotics.

Maybe we can put pressure of them....


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