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Posted by:cjaghblb
Subject:No Ssid
Date:21:03:08 26/03/2006

I just started using this as well and have the same card. My wireless network would show no ssid as well until I made my other laptop disconnect and then reconnect. Once I completed the association process and my wireless gateway responded to the probe from my other laptop, kismet picked it right up. I use the BackTrack CD too so I was using the etherreal app at the same time to see what packets would trigger kismet picking up my SSID info. Hope this helps

> I have Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Wireless card.
> I am using Back Track latest Live Cd which contains latest Kismet.
> Also i am newbie. Like i dont know how to find the wireless card's software version etc. But i know Kismet is 2005-08-R1.
> I trying to find my ssid but i run the Kismet approximately 3 hours but the program still shows <no ssid>. But it shows the mac address, ip address of the client on that network.
> I know the ssid (because it is my network). It's ssid is : "JaBBeR". I dont think so but can it be related with capital and lower letters? How long should i wait to find this ssid?

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