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Posted by:Bert
Subject:HOWTO kismet.conf source for prism proxim card
Date:10:36:13 26/03/2006

heh sounds like its a atheros 5212 card :)

you will need the madwifi driver (Old not madwifi-ng)

once you have followed the instructions to install that then set souce line to

Hope that helps.

> I have a Prism card (it says Proxim on the top of it.
> SuSe 10 recognizes it as AR5212BG 802.11 abg NIC.
> I have tried the following lines in my kismet.conf on the "source" line without luck:
> #source=all,ath0,none
> #source=orinoco,eth1,orinoco
> #source=hostap,wlan0,hostap
> source=prism,ath0,prism
> #source=prism,wlan0,hostap
> #source=atheros,ath0,atheros
> #source=prism,ath0,prism
> (commenting and uncommentin & retrying)
> I am wondering if any one out there would be so kind as to relay what they are using with this card inside Kismet.
> Thanks very much.
> Peace. Love. Linux.
> Jason

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