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Posted by:Bert
Subject:Ideal USB WNIC?
Date:22:32:53 25/03/2006

Hi Martin

I have a WG111 v2 netgear usb nic and works well with kismet.

Before I got that I use to use a proxim card which is a madwifi driver

The proxim pcmcia card is great but normaly reads about 10 packets at a time according to kismet but the WG111 v2 usb nic was reading over 100 packets!!!

Only thing is that the wg111 usb nic does get very hot very quickly.

Also to compile the driver was a bit hard but once I got it figured out it went ok, hope to put together a howto soon.

Below is some output/data that might help you if you get this.

root@lmi:/home/gtrf# lsusb
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0846:6a00 NetGear, Inc. WG111 WiFi (v2)
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000

root@lmi:/home/gtrf# lsmod
Module Size Used by
wlan_wep 6656 1
ohci_hcd 19716 0
pcmcia 32812 4
firmware_class 9216 1 pcmcia
rd 6208 1
r8187 45028 0
ieee80211_rtl 59332 1 r8187
ieee80211_crypt_rtl 5704 1 ieee80211_rtl
uhci_hcd 31632 0
snd_maestro3 23460 0
snd_ac97_codec 92320 1 snd_maestro3
snd_ac97_bus 3072 1 snd_ac97_codec
ath_pci 71708 0
ath_rate_sample 15496 1 ath_pci
wlan 130844 4 wlan_wep,ath_pci,ath_rate_sample
ath_hal 147792 3 ath_pci,ath_rate_sample

from kismet.conf

using driver rtl8187-newstack but I think I had to install rtl8180-sa2500-dev code first.

Any troubles/questions let me know.

Also I am compiling a USB wifi kismet list at the moment and out of 2 usb nics I so far have this is the better ones :) other one is zydnet or something which is really horrible at the moment. so please let me know on your choice of usb nic and how it works with kismet.

> I've already looked around using the search tool, and Google'd, but i've come out with conflicting answers.
> I read a post on here stating that a user was using a WG111v2 Netgear USB WNIC successfully with Kismet without any problems. But, I google searched and found a result which stated that the WG111v2 was no good with Kismet.
> I am trying to learn about wireless cracking out of pure interest, and want to experiment with trying to access my 'protected' Wireless router...
> So, what I'm asking is: Does anyone know if the WG111v2 works with Kismet, or where I can find out for sure? And, if we know for sure it doesn't: Are there any USB devices that I can buy that will?
> As it stands my laptop has integrated Broadcom, and no PCMCIA slot. Although it has ExpressCard (or whatever it's called), there doesn't appear to be any wireless cards out for it yet.
> I appreciate any help :-)
> ~Martin

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