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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Problem with using internet after closing Kismet
Date:05:24:17 24/03/2006

> I have been using the latest stable version of Kismet on Ubuntu 5.10 with a prism54 chipset. It worked fine for a few days but the last time I used Kismet and then closed it, my internet connection stopped working on the wireless card. I tried rebooting, and removing and reinstalling the wireless card but it is still not able to access the internet/ping. However, Kismet still works fine. I checked the network settings and the card shows up without errors (as eth1) and says its connected to my wireless network. Any ideas how to fix this?

You must have changed system settings to tell your distribution to not use the wireless card.

The changes Kismet makes in the card only affect it until you restart it (ie, eject/insert the card) or reboot. Kismet is out of the equation once you've rebooted the system, it's up to your distro to configure the card (or you to do it manually).


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