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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:probe networks and prism2 unstable mon mode?!
Date:18:41:52 23/03/2006

> Hi all as its metioned in a few other posts but no real answers to this Im trying to figure out what this is...
> Basicly In 90% of London I always see a Network called "Probe Networks" no channel and again as reported in another post quite strange mac address's.
> Has anyone got a idea what this is? A mesh of some sort?

See the config files and readme, "Probe networks" is an autogroup in the client for, well, probe networks, so they don't clutter up the normal network display. Probes have no channel field, so you have no channel listing. Maybe it's a mesh, but probably not.

> The other thing im intrested in is peoples results with the Dlink prism2 usb nic (dwl-122) it seems to be fine for doing such stuff with kismet etc, but i have no luck with packet injection with this nic, your feedback would be usefull,I feel it gets a lil unstable. I use a Dlink atheros pcmcia card most of the time but prefer to use 2 nic's while injecting/deauthing etc.

Packet injection is a bit funky on the old heavy-weight firmware cards like prism2. The fw has definite ideas about what you should be transmitting, and will change it until it fits most times. Atheros, prism54, etc are much much more forgiving when it comes to injection.


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