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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet Logs
Date:18:39:09 23/03/2006

> Does anyone know how to configure kismet_drone and Kismet_server to log only information of a specific wireless network. In my area I currently have about four wireless networks I was wondering if it is possible to log information about a specific IP range or SSID.
> Any information will be usefull

Currently, no, unless you write ethereal filters. Newcore supports pcre regex filters on the SSID, so either move to that and live on the bleeding edge, or wait for a release in a bit.

Newcore doesn't support, and I hadn't really planned on supporting, IP range filtering, since it's so flaky -- it really depends on what the network happens to send while kismet happens to be on that channel, which is a bit iffy in my mind for filter control.


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