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Posted by:aro
Subject:Problem with gkismet
Date:15:44:00 23/03/2006

I need help on gkismet.
I try to run gkismet on slax 5.0.6 killbill edition. So, I create gkismet module based n gkimset-0.0.10.tar.gz and run it.
Firt time I have an error like "can't find in @INC..."
I download and I create three other module Perl 5.8.7 - GTK Perl 0.7009 - libgtk-imlib-perl 0.7009 from tar.
So I have another error "can't find in @INC..." but I have seen this file in "/usr/lib/perl_site..." in libgtk-imlib-perl 0.7009 module so I recreate this module and I change the directory tree by "usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.7/i486-linux/..."
there is 2 directory on this: auto & Gtk
now I have a new error message: sometimes "bus error" and most of time "segmentation fault"...
Can anyone help me what to do? Does anybody have run gkismet on slax? Do I need other modules?
thank you for your reply

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