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Posted by:edit21
Subject:probe networks and prism2 unstable mon mode?!
Date:12:11:24 23/03/2006

Hi all as its metioned in a few other posts but no real answers to this Im trying to figure out what this is...

Basicly In 90% of London I always see a Network called "Probe Networks" no channel and again as reported in another post quite strange mac address's.
Has anyone got a idea what this is? A mesh of some sort?

The other thing im intrested in is peoples results with the Dlink prism2 usb nic (dwl-122) it seems to be fine for doing such stuff with kismet etc, but i have no luck with packet injection with this nic, your feedback would be usefull,I feel it gets a lil unstable. I use a Dlink atheros pcmcia card most of the time but prefer to use 2 nic's while injecting/deauthing etc.



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