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Posted by:TheDude
Subject:wispy_gtk on OSX: fixed!
Date:21:15:24 21/03/2006

I found this investigating the other issue

it appears that mach ports do not get inherited by child processes. I picked up my laptop so ill play around with a G4 build and see if its not something intel specific. by the date on that email message, it doesnt appear to be.

Ill also try to nail down if its something additionally wierd with the libusb's available on mac. the fink installed one, and the standalone installer seem to act a little differently. (i used the fink libs)

if it works okay on a G4, i might even be able to crank out a packaged universal binary.

im more than happy to test OSX releases, and might be able to provide a shell account for you to test with.

> > Fantastic! works from current SVN.
> Awesome! Thanks for the info, not having an OSX box here I've been trying to debug blind, which SUCKS. I'd never considered that fork() might be messing it up. I guess the kernel doesn't bind USB devices directly to FDs and something else funny is going on.
> -m

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