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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:wispy_gtk on OSX: fixed!
Date:23:56:49 20/03/2006

> Im not sure if this is specific to the intel macs or not, but i was finally able to get wispy_gtk to work properly. OSX appears to deal with fork() in a slightly wierd way, and the child process is not able to access the USB device.
> moving the calls to init_wispy_device and usb_open, as well as the test-read to the child process lets things work normally.
> Im not savvy enough to make a patch or anything like that, as i have no idea what it affects. but there doesnt seem to be any reason for the GTK display process to touch the USB stuff at all.

Awesome. I'll write up that idea into a test case in svn, if you want to do a test pull of it in a little while and see if I did it right. I'll contact the other people who were looking for OSX working too.

You're right, there probably isn't any reason the USB code needs to live in the parent, other than my wanting to keep the initial fail conditions close to the top of the code.


SVN commit is in with the USB init moved to the child code, and a proper SIGCHLD handler to catch it.


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