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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet/GPSD problem (slackware vs auditor)
Date:18:33:14 20/03/2006

> I've got a strange behavior on my laptop (a Compaq NC6000 with an embedded Atheros wifi card).
> Using Kismet with gpsd on auditor it's all fine, while when using it with my slackware ... Kismet works fine (maybe better than Auditor) but I've got few gps data :(
> When I open the .csv most networks have no coordinate (but *not* all networks) if I wardrive with my slack, while in Auditor most networks do have coordinates.
> The hardware is the same ;)
> I don't know where to start debugging ... so any help will be appreciated :)

You must be using a different gpsd or something. GPSD is very flaky, there is no single version I can reccomend at the moment as being stable on a given gps. Some work for some people, and not for others.


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