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Posted by:Bert
Subject:Kismet shuts down with no warning?
Date:14:37:08 19/03/2006

What version of Kismet are you using??

Do you know if any XP computers are near by with wireless?

As you might be running old version of kismet so try updating to the latest one 2005-08-R1.

If that does not fix it please include what network card you are using and source= line from kismet.conf

Also what version of auditor? as you may want to update to backtrack

> Hi all,
> Im running kismet from the auditor security collection CD.
> Sometimes the app will run for 5 mins, others only a couple but it gives no warning before it simply closes? I am doing nothing when it closes, simply monitoring traffic?
> Any ideas why this might be or where I should start looking?

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