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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Wispy-Tools Running on Zaurus C1000
Date:02:07:16 18/03/2006

> I've successfully compiled an svn snapshot of wispy-tools for my Zaurus C1000 running pdaXrom. The GTK interface looks remarkably good on the small screen and all features appear to work. Switching from graph to spectromap views takes several seconds. So does selecting a channel. However, the graph and spectromap data updates very quickly. I'm quite impressed!
> Compilation was very straightforward. I just ran into a few minor issues:
> * I had to force wispy-tools to use GTK1 during the configure process. If I tried using GTK2, the application would compile but segfault when started.
> * I had to edit wispy_gtk.c source file to change the font from Helvetica to 8x13, as I couldn't find a Helvetica font for my C1000.
> Thanks for all your hard work on this program. I look forward to future releases.

Cool, glad it worked out so easily.

I'll be working on updating it more in the near future,


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