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Posted by:Jerr
Date:17:09:31 17/03/2006

> > I was wondering if anyone knew how to successfully combine Kismet and Snort. Any informtion will be appriciated.
> >
> > Thank You
> Turn on the named fifo output in kismet.conf
> Give kismet the WEP key for your network
> Start kismet_server
> Start snort reading from a the named pipe file
> Kismet will now continue.
> With kismet newcore, this procedure is replaced by the new tun/tap interface, which is much less fragile and doesn't block Kismet from starting. You can then point any program that captures packets at the virtual kismet interface.
> -m

Thanks for the help. But do you know how to tell snort to read from the named pipe file. I tried pointing to the file when I start snort, but I am not sure if it is reading from the file.
One more questions if you know how to do this. I am also running kismet_drone and sending that information to Kismet_server. I am able to get the drone to run properly, but the only way I can get Kismet_server to start is with the -n option which means to turn off the logging. Do you know how to startv kismet_server properly.

Thanks for your help

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