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Posted by:cauliflowerbob
Subject:FATAL error running kismet.
Date:23:12:33 16/03/2006

Thanks Bert. my source line was source=ipw2200,eth1,wireless
but you suggestion of installing the latest release worked great.
silly me for not trying it sooner

> What about using the latest version 2006-08-R1 of kismet?
> guessing source line should look like source=ipw2200:eth0:MyCard
> Any chance of copying and pasting the output when starting kismet.
> not sure about arptype 803 but packettype 803 is wireless (I think).
> > running debian 3.1 i installed kismet using apt-get.
> > my laptop uses the intel ipw2200 and at the time i had the 1.1.0 d
> river and firmware 2.4 installed.
> > every time i tried to run kismet i got the error that ipw2200 was not a valid source type.
> > i tried upgrading to driver 1.1.1 for the ipw2200 and firmware 3.0, patched the driver and edited the makefile to make sure tap was on.
> > i still had the same problem.
> > i then saw a post saying that kismet-2005-06-R1 now worked flawlessly with kismet with the newest ipw driver and firmware.
> > i downloaded kismet-2005-06-R1 and installed with no problems, now i get the error "FATAL: arptype 803 not supported by libpcap - falling back to cooked socket"
> > what the.....?
> > i've had enough, why does everything in linux have to be so difficult!? yeah i like it but just for once i wish something would just work!
> > anyway, rant over. now to finally look and see why my sound doesn't work when it did 3 days ago.

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