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Posted by:flashcash5
Subject:Downloading and installing kismet
Date:08:23:05 14/03/2006

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> > Hi all,
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> > I'm a small bit of a noob and this could be an ID10T issue but i get this from winzip:
> > error reading header after processing 0 entries
> 1. Sounds like a winzip error.
> 2. Did you read the readme about what this does and doesn't do on windows? 90% of the time it won't do you any good on windows, it can't capture data natively there. It needs a linux or bsd system to actually capture data from a card. You might want to look into something like auditor or one of the other livecd options.
> -m

-Thanks man for the help.
can you point me to auditor or one of the other livecd options plz?
I use netstumbler but one of the features i would be interested would be a graphical mapping system? If possible so i can pin-point where certain users are accessing my network from ..
Besides that, i'm gonna build a linux box soon when i have the time so looking forward to using kismet.
Thanks again.

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