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Posted by:RobF
Subject:Kismet can't detect networks - wlanctl/wlanctl-ng confusion?
Date:05:31:38 14/03/2006

I succeeded in getting Kismet to work. After I installed the soft link that Bert suggested, i.e. linking wlangtl-ng to wlanctl, all three of the capture source options managed to start up Kismet.

With the option "source=wlanng_legacy,wlan0,wlanngsource" the situation remains the same: Kismet does start up but it can't find any networks. The other two options start up Kismet, and it discovers networks and logs packets. The option "source=wlanng_avs,wlan0,wlanngsource" seems to be crash prone; Kismet tends to freeze after monitoring for a few minutes.

For now, I'll stay with the option "source=wlanng,wlan0,wlanngsource", even though the adapter doesn't reset cleanly to normal mode after exiting Kismet, and in one run with this config Kismet again froze after 15 min. Some fine tuning seems to be called for, and eventually I'll probably want to update both Kismet and the driver to the latest versions.

Thanks for your help!


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