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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:radiotap_bsd_ab works with g as well
Date:15:03:35 10/03/2006

> Hi
> I've just installed kismet on freebsd 6 and tried the radiotap_bsd_ab driver. The name implies it works on a and b but no mention of g yet it does seem to work quite happily with 54mb networks. Am I lucky, is this by design, has the feature set changed but not the name?
> I'm just curious, everything works so no complaints.

b/g are the same band, so it's expected behavior. When Sam named the devices he just used b in the name.

I'm thinking that I'm going to remove the bg/a/abg names and just have one source, and tell people to edit the channel assignments. The only 2 reasons the a/bg/b naming system was used to automatically set the channel range for the card, and to try to autodetect the encoding method. The second was a bad idea, and it isn't done in newcore anymore.


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