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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ipw2200 v1.1.1, fw3.0, no per packet signal strength in Kismet
Date:23:10:27 09/03/2006

> Understood about the signal levels outside of monitor mode.
> I had this working on a previous installation of Linux on this same equipment a few months ago with an earlier kismet-devel and earlier ipw2200/associated versions. I'll regress my settings a bit and see if I can identify a breakpoint.
> Thanks for the rapid response.

Works fine here with 1.1.0 patched (the patch that became 1.1.1, so i don't expect any difference) on a 2915. I get the expected signal levels and no noise levels, which is as I'd expect it to be.

Did you turn on radiotap support in your makefile?


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