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Posted by:AlxRogan
Subject:ipw2200 v1.1.1, fw3.0, no per packet signal strength in Kismet
Date:01:27:53 09/03/2006

> > I'm running the Development Source kismet-devel on Ubuntu 5.10. Was able to get ipw2200 v1.1.1 drivers installed with 3.0 firmware, enabled the RADIOTAP declaration from the blog, but when I launch Kismet I get -256db signal strength for all packets.
> >
> > When out of monitor mode, I can see signal strength through iwconfig just fine. Is there something I am missing?
> Out of monitor mode is totally irrelevant and has nothing to do with being in monitor mode.
> Either signal levels are broken, or aren't reported, or radiotap isn't turned on afterall. I have no idea at the moment.
> -m

Understood about the signal levels outside of monitor mode.

I had this working on a previous installation of Linux on this same equipment a few months ago with an earlier kismet-devel and earlier ipw2200/associated versions. I'll regress my settings a bit and see if I can identify a breakpoint.

Thanks for the rapid response.

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