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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Artmel at76c503 and kismet it captures beacon but not encrypt packet
Date:19:51:46 05/03/2006

> Hi i've a netgear ma101 with atmel chipset. i put my card on rfmod (iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor) then i run kismet(i've disable channel hopping before) it recognise only beacon packet of my ap and it doesn't see other crypt packet. My ap using wpa-psk but also with the wep is the same, the card doesn't see crypt packets. Thanks for help...

The readme already says:

It appears that this card may be only formatting the beacons as an 802.11 stream, which means you likely will not see data frames, rendering most IDS functions, IP discovery, and data logging unavailable.

There is no fix. Get a different card if you need data frames.


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