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Posted by:Bert
Subject:can't start kismet
Date:23:43:45 04/03/2006

Sounds like when kismet tries to write to the file it does not have permission.

You could try a quick fix of

~$ chmod 777 /home/nate/kismet -R

NOTE: This will make all files in /home/nate/kismet readable and writeable by any user.


Check what uid kismet runs at by looking at your kismet.conf for suiduser

from kismet.conf
# User to setid to (should be your normal user)

then set the permissions by

~$ chown bert.users /home/nate/kismet -R
~$ chmod 700 /home/nate/kismet -R

Hope that helps.

> So, I got everything all set, but I think I set something wrong with my dump directory. It tells me that it cant access the dump file with the todays date on it..........whateverthedatemaybe.dump, and then the program terminates. I have my log directory set for /home/nate/kismet, so know that I have access to it. I just can't figure out why Kismet can't access the dump file. Could it be because of the whole suid thing? If so, how do I fix it.....and possibly, what exactly is the whole suid thing? I'm fairly new to linux. Not a complete newbie, but there are still things that I dont know.
> Thanks,
> -Nate

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