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Posted by:hybernate20
Date:20:05:41 03/03/2006

> > I just installed the newest version of Kismet, and I have everythign all set up. When I try to run kismet, it tells me "No piddir specified in /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf. Please specify one!" Where in the kismet.conf do I add that line? Also, what do I add to that line? I have no idea what the piddir is!
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> > Thanks,
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> > Nate
> You mean the line that says:
> # Where do we store the pid file of the server?
> piddir=/var/run/
> From the Readme, click on Documentation (novel place for it, actually)
> PROBLEM: Fatal error about being unable to open the pidfile
> FIX: By default Kismet writes the pid to /var/run/. If you didn't install
> Kismet as suidroot, you need to start it as root so it can write to this
> directory and bind interfaces. If you're only using capture sources that
> don't require root, you can change this in kismet.conf to put pidfiles
> in /tmp (or any other directory). This isn't reccomended if you use
> Kismet as root on a system with untrusted users.

Hey. Thanks. I ended up realized that I somehow deleted like half of my kismet.conf file, and thats why I couldn't find the line. I found it now, and it is specified to where it should be.

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