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Posted by:wkearney99
Subject:set and forget config for a boat?
Date:04:06:22 03/03/2006

> You better rethink the above scenario.
> Just because an accesspoint isn't using encryption, doesn't mean it is a public hotspot that anybody can use.
> If you plan on using any and all unencrypted accesspoint that you detect, even if the intention is a honorable one like reporting the position of your boat in case of theft, you are going to commit a federal felony. Theft of service as a minimum will be applicable, and harsher IT crimes related charges might also apply.

It is most certainly NOT a felony, and I challenge you to cite where in the CFR you think it'd apply. This is unlicensed air. I have no intention of stealing anyone's service so please, spare me the hype.

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