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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:set and forget config for a boat?
Date:02:51:54 03/03/2006

> Well, I'd also like to have it connect back to a server periodically for other purposes. As in, report it's GPS location if it's gone outside an expected range (theft, unauthorized use, etc). Or dump a webcam picture when it sees a free wifi network available. That along with any data kismet might have collected.

You better rethink the above scenario.
Just because an accesspoint isn't using encryption, doesn't mean it is a public hotspot that anybody can use.
If you plan on using any and all unencrypted accesspoint that you detect, even if the intention is a honorable one like reporting the position of your boat in case of theft, you are going to commit a federal felony. Theft of service as a minimum will be applicable, and harsher IT crimes related charges might also apply.

Unless your script can distinquish between public hotspots, and AverageJoe's default Linksys accesspoint, you are heading into trouble.


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