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Posted by:wkearney99
Subject:set and forget config for a boat?
Date:23:39:24 02/03/2006

> When I set up my car box I used a cf flash for writing, and set up
> hotplug scripts to automatically copy all the data to a usb stick
> when I plugged it in, so I never needed a keyboard.

That does seem like a good idea. I'm thinking, however, of being able to use the CF cards for other interactive purposes. The chart plotter on the boat has the ability to import/export from CF cards. It might be interesting to prepare waypoints for it using this slot. I hadn't thought of using it on an insert-and-copy event.

I figured on leaving the card in the slot and removing it only when necessary. That leaves me "one less thing" to get lost inside the boat's cabin! But I'll think about it some, thanks for the suggestion.

> It worked better in the end than trying to have it trigger on a
> network seen. If you really wanted you could write a custom client
> in c or perl or whatever to shut down kismet, reconfigure the card,
> and copy when it sees your home net, tho.

Well, I'd also like to have it connect back to a server periodically for other purposes. As in, report it's GPS location if it's gone outside an expected range (theft, unauthorized use, etc). Or dump a webcam picture when it sees a free wifi network available. That along with any data kismet might have collected.

I have zero experience with kismet so I'm starting from scratch here. I also don't have much experience using linux in a wifi situation, but plenty using wired networking. So the whole idea of bringing wifi connections up/down based on type and availability is new to me. I'm willing to use a separate wifi NIC to accomplish this if necessary.

The laptop doesn't current have USB. Whose USB cards are known to work easily with DSL? I don't need USB 2.0 as this is a 486/75 CPU!

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