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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:set and forget config for a boat?
Date:17:55:58 02/03/2006

> I'm just a little unclear on how to get it all lashed together. Before I go reinventing the wheel, does anyone have tips or places to read up on? Once I get it worked out I'd like to promote making use of it to other boaters with spare laptops.

When I set up my car box I used a cf flash for writing, and set up hotplug scripts to automatically copy all the data to a usb stick when I plugged it in, so I never needed a keyboard.

It worked better in the end than trying to have it trigger on a network seen. If you really wanted you could write a custom client in c or perl or whatever to shut down kismet, reconfigure the card, and copy when it sees your home net, tho.


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