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Posted by:wkearney99
Subject:set and forget config for a boat?
Date:15:22:50 02/03/2006

Does anyone have a write-up on using kismet as wifi availability detector for a boat? I'd like to make use of it and leave an old laptop on our boat to have it seek out wifi availability when we're out on the water. I'd like to have it dump the detected info to compact flash card, as well as periodically dump it via the net. I don't need constant access to the device. Just something that if/when it detects an open connection it could just dump the data. Via e-mail or web post or something.

I've gotten DSL (damn small linux) running on a truly ancient 486/75 laptop and, surprisingly, it works pretty well! But is a machine this slow going to be capable of doing what kismet needs? I'm not talking about using it for anything other than a data collector. I've gotten gpsdrive running on it but at 640x480 in 4 bit color it ain't a pretty sight!

I'm just a little unclear on how to get it all lashed together. Before I go reinventing the wheel, does anyone have tips or places to read up on? Once I get it worked out I'd like to promote making use of it to other boaters with spare laptops.

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