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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:zd1211 "noise"
Date:03:39:32 23/02/2006

> Its also entirely possible that the drivers just spew a lot of junk frames, in which case there isn't much that can be done.

Looks like the zd drivers throw big hunks of nonsese out when they get data, sometimes. I'll see if they have a bugzilla.


From the mailing list post when they added monitor mode:


This patch is a mostly working monitor mode to be used with e.g. kismet.
It's based on the sniffer mode that is used by apdbg. The sniffer mode
should be removed later. (All other special ioctls for apdbg should be
transformed into iwpriv style ioctls BTW). Monitor mode at the moment
still lets some strange packets through that are either not correctly
received ones or some bug in the skb list mangling code. It also spits
out broken packages on channel hopping.


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