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Posted by:thor
Subject:laptop suggestions
Date:15:07:30 21/02/2006

Most laptops with 'integrated wireless' use USB based wifi units. If you've checked the compatability list lately you know these are usually 'teh suck'.

I think your best bet would be with an atheros (or something else, i havn't been around since the atheros driver split, so i don't know the cons of it too well, but they used to work great with kismet) mini-pci card. These can be had on ebay for $30 buy-it-now.

The thing is, you'll probably be happier finding a laptop that has a minipci slot and installing your own card than searching for a very long time and end up with a computer you don't really want just because it happens to have workable wireless already.

> In the market for a new laptop.... current one is going to crap.
> One of the main things that I want in the laptop however is the integrated wifi to work with kismet (linux boot).... any suggestions on chipsets/laptops?

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