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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:zd1211 "noise"
Date:22:46:20 19/02/2006

> Lately i've been fiddling around with this USB stick.. it works with the hostap driver just fine (even it's not native) and when kismet comes up it actually lists some networks and logs captured packets.
> But it is very "noisy": I run this test: I got my AP on, fired up kismet on my laptop equipped with an IPW2200, and fired another kismet on my workstation with this zd1211 usb dongle.
> On my workstation I clearly see my AP and a couple other networks; on my laptop instead, I can see all the same networks, but kismet picks up the USB stick too.
> It shows as "Probe Networks" and actually transmits a good lot of packets/s! (LLC)
> I know there isn't a zd1211 source driver yet, but since kismet boots up and works with the hostap one, is there a workaround?

It's possible that you've confused it by telling it the wrong driver, even ones that "mostly" work can be completely wrong and cause it to screw up.

A zd that someone donated just arrived, once I make a standard USB cable for it I'll look into it.

Its also entirely possible that the drivers just spew a lot of junk frames, in which case there isn't much that can be done.


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