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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet on nokia 770 finds nonexisting networks
Date:22:44:54 19/02/2006

> Hi,
> I started packaging kismet for Nokia 770, which has a prism54-derieved wlan chip. With latest firmware, there is unofficial monitor mode support, which seems to actually work.
> The main problem is that kismet finds hundreds of networks without SSID. BSSID and all the other data appears to completly random, the only thing that is consistent is "channel 0" and "maxrate 0.0". Here is an example:
> Is it possible to filter out all packets that do not have channel information?

No, because the majority of legitimate packets have no channel data.

I don't have a 770 and no access to test random code on one. Until this changes, I cannot make any attempts at fixing this, sorry. When I do finally get one and work on it, it will of course show up in the svn changelogs.


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