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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Multiple USB Sources?
Date:20:04:07 16/02/2006

> Has anyone ever used multiple USB NICs (like the M$ MN-510) with kismet at the same time successfully? I know Kismet could support multiple cards, but I'm wondering if the USB bus would be a hindrance before I purchase a lot of them (hey, one per channel, no hopping needed) ;]
> The USB bus can support up to 12mbps, and of course 802.11b is 11mbps, but what happens if I have two cards listening on the same usb channel through a hub?

It's 12mbps on usb 1, shared between all. Theoretically it could saturate and use up the available bandwidth pretty quickly, but you're not too likely to.

You can probably cover the spectrum in 4 to 6 adapters due to overlap.

USB wireless tends to be a bit flaky, but theres no reason your idea wouldn't be possible in general.


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