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Posted by:KismetUserZ
Subject:Kismet running, can not pick up any networks - YET
Date:04:08:11 16/02/2006

Please help, NOOB here. I got everything setup by READING, however this one is not covered anywhere:

Kismet is all set up and running, however when I run Kismet I can not see any of my WiFi networks. All it sees is "itself". In other words the machine it is running on is, Kismet then shows under Name <no ssid> IP range It does pick up a few useless packets here, but it does not see my Linksys ssid or anything at work either (full of wifi). My config is below

Compaq laptop
Linux suse 10
linksys WPC11 v3.0 (wireless card)

in config file using source=wlanng,wifi0,wpc11

I obviously need to tweak my config files somehow, but I am now as far as the forums will take me...

Please advise, I am looking forward to helping out here on the forums as I learn to make it stronger for everyone.

THANKS!~~ and thanks for Kismet, I"m excited!


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