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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Getting kismet and gpsd to work with a usb GPS
Date:20:55:45 13/02/2006

> We recently purchased a GPS to use with wardriving here, and ended up with a usb one instead of a serial. We use a distro of knoppix with kismet to wardrive, and I cannot for the life of me get the gps daemon to listen in on the usb GPS. The default listen port for kismet is the ttyS0, the serial port, and I cannot figure out what to set it to in order to get it to listen to the USB. Thanks!

Kismet doesn't listen to a serial port, in its current incarnation. It connects to the gpsd daemon. You need to pass the correct serial port to the gpsd daemon upon its invocation.

Normally it would be /dev/ttyUSB0, but that all depends on what USB-to-serial chipset is used in your USB gps, and if the knoppix distro has the driver for that particular chipset.
Check the dmesg output, when you plug the USB gps in, to see what the driver says.


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