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Posted by:beakmyn
Subject:kismet_server new-core FATAL: No tcp port given to listen for gui connections
Date:17:48:06 12/02/2006

> > Because I'm a masochist I cross-compiled server for my WRT, Took a whole day to do it but I finally figured it out. So, I relize grab the kismet.conf file and make the needed changes for the WRT. I think I've got it all right but when I run
> >
> > #kismet_server -f /etc/kismet.conf
> > it starts up and tells me all about dropping privs and
> You must have something bunk in your config file, or you're not telling it the proper file that you edited.
> listen=tcp://
> allowedhosts=
> # Maximum number of concurrent GUI's
> maxclients=5
> # Maximum backlog before we start throwing out or killing clients. The
> # bigger this number, the more memory and the more power it will use.
> maxbacklog=5000
> is my config file and its fine.
> -m

Ok, I'll fire up vi and strip it down to the bare essentials and try again. On a second note is there a way to cross-compile and not have a binary that is 5.4MB in size? That's what I ended up with when I cross-compiled kismet_server using the whiterussian buildroot.

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