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Posted by:katakrak
Subject:kismet client that *connects*
Date:03:34:11 09/02/2006

Another option would be a feature on the client allowing to [ shutdown the server, change to managed mode and iwconfig some settings ] in a single keystroke. Not hard to implement...
> But extremely hard to implement securely. Running the client as root is a bad idea that I don't really want to encourage.
> -m

I think there're two security issues:
1. user authentication
2. third party sniffing

not a big problem:

1.- the server may have hashes of a usernam and passwd in its config file the client should provide to allow any action. i think tat is secure. it can lock channel hopping right now!, so any unauthenticated local client can manage the server in current stable version, somehow...
2.- ssl should do the trick. for localhost this could be skiped.

so there is not much to implement


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