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Posted by:jannes
Subject:kismet client that *connects*
Date:08:29:08 08/02/2006

> > > But at least on a wrt54g you _can_ use monitor mode while you're already > > > > connected as a client.
> >
> > Don't know about wrt54g, but I think in most wifi cards you can't do that. Another option would be a feature on the client allowing to [ shutdown the server, change to managed mode and iwconfig some settings ] in a single keystroke. Not hard to implement...
> But extremely hard to implement securely. Running the client as root is a bad idea that I don't really want to encourage.

I'm running my main internet connection through a wrt54g in client mode. I always have kismet_drone running with the interface in monitor mode. As we speak I'm starting up a kismet server and client on my Windows box and it works just fine. I can do a wl scan to let it channelhop a little, showing me APs on other channels as well.

My wifi connectin is automatically maintained by a simple shell script that reconnects when the connection is lost. That seems to work fine as well. All while the interface stays in monitor mode.

I don't know about security. Is it really that dangerous to run a drone as root on a wrt54g?


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