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Posted by:specnaz
Subject:Kismet error: server closed conection
Date:13:10:28 05/02/2006

Hi, i start kismet i can see the hotspots and get the first packets but after a couple of seconds i get: "Connected to Kismet server version 2005.08.R1 build 20050815211952 on localh│ localhost:2501 TCP error: socket returned EOF, server has closed the connection" i also tryed:

kill 3306 (my_dhcpcdclient_pid)and
fconfig eth2 inet
ifconfig eth2 up

but got the same error and this too:
Didn't detect any Cisco Discovery Packets, unlinking cisco dump
ending termination request to channel control child 4740
Didn't see any weak encryption packets, unlinking weak file
WARNING: Sometimes cards don't always come out of monitor mode
cleanly. 4f your card is not fully working, you may need to restart or reconfigcon it for normal operation.─

i also tryed cismet_server and from the other console cismet_client but then i got the first packet and the aviable hotspots and few seconds later kismet exit with this:
FATAL: Reading packet from pcap failed, interface is no longer up. Usually this happens when a DHCP client times out and turns off the interface.

i run it on mandriva 2006
with intel pro2200bg
any help??

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