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Posted by:kpbrown
Subject:What attack is this?
Date:23:23:35 04/02/2006

I have posted the dump of our longest drive, it includes a circle around the interfering house (couldn't tell you at what time though). The affected antenna's SSID's are:


The file can be found at

> > So, in conclusion, I am wondering if anyone can identify what sort of attack we endured based on those clues. Also, would an updated (2005-08-R1) of Kismet have detected the malicious packets?
> If you zip up the dumpfiles and email me a link to where to download them I'll take a look, but those will only be helpful if it was an 802.11 based denial. Pure RF saturation or spectrum competition from a non-802.11 device wouldn't be detectable by kismet.
> -m

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