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Posted by:frederic
Subject:Kismet - Daemon
Date:01:40:04 03/02/2006


Successfully installed Kismet on my Fedora Core 4 "truck computer" using the "make suidinstall" and it's working fine. Quite fine actually - I can see my neighbors.

However, to activate kismet, I must open a terminal and type 'kismet', which after loading the server component, brings up a text-based gui. I read through the README a few times, and didn't see this addressed. I was under the impression that kismet is a client/server type of application. I was expecting the server part to load upon boot as a daemon, and I'd have to use a client on the front end, say, gkismet (for gnome at least).

Is my perception correct? Or am I simply undercaffienated?

Thanks in advance for comments, suggestions, or coffee ;-)

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