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Posted by:immortalblade
Subject:orinoco driver wont make
Date:00:05:50 02/02/2006

> > I cant find information on the genksyms file i need, can anybody help me out? Also is the Moduel.symvers warning somthing i should be worried about?
> >
> > I downloaded the kernel.src package for FEDORA CORE 4 and built it and did ./make oldconfig but i still get the following errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> It won't work on current or future kernels without being significantly rewritten.
> You have to use the in-kernel orinoco driver. It doesn't perform well with rfmon however.
> Yes, this is a crappy situation, sorry.
> -m

None of the drivers will compile on the current kernels? Last time i used FC i had Core 2 but i updated. Guess i should downgrade to CORE3 or rather which kernel version should i use? or is it possible for me to compile the standalone drivers and force them into the current version?

Sorry, i'm sure you hear it a million times; im newb!


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